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Q: What if I’m worried about the cost of chimney repair or maintenance services?

A: Here at Chim-Cheroo, we feel your pain – and we know how quickly home service expenses like these can add up. It’s why we’re proud to offer a financing program that allows you to schedule payments in a way that works better for you. To learn more about what this looks like and how it works, we encourage you to reach out to us! We’re in this business to make lives easier, not harder, and we strive to always do right by our customers. 

Q: What do I need to know about chimney swifts?

A: Chimney swifts are birds that commonly nest inside of chimneys, causing a racket and leaving behind flammable nesting materials and feathers. These birds are federally protected, so if they choose to nest in your chimney because of a missing cap, there’s nothing you can do except wait for them to fly south for the winter. The best way to prevent these birds from returning year after year is to have your chimney inspected, cleaned, and properly fitted with a chimney cap or chase cover.

Q: What type of firewood should I use in my fireplace or stove?

A: The answer is twofold – first, it’s important to note that not all wood is created equal, meaning some types will burn longer and more effectively than others. When it comes to the best woods to burn in your stove or fireplace, it’s generally recommended to purchase or chop hardwoods such as birch, maple, oak, ash, and many fruit-bearing trees.

Second, regardless of the specific wood type, all wood that is to be burned for fuel must be seasoned properly. Seasoned firewood has been properly dried, reducing water content from around 45% to around 20%. If the firewood you use is not properly seasoned, you can expect everything from odors and smoke problems to creosote buildup, fireplace inefficiency, and even chimney fires. To ensure that your firewood is well-seasoned, purchase it (or cut it) 6-12 months before you plan to burn it, keep it off of the ground and out of the rain, and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. If purchasing your wood, check for dark-colored ends, cracks and splits, and a clunking sound when two pieces are struck together. Well-seasoned timber should have all of these qualities and should be much lighter than unseasoned or “green” wood.

Q: How often should my chimney be inspected and cleaned?

A: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) state that chimney inspection should be scheduled each and every year, regardless of whether you use it everyday, or not at all. During an inspection, we’ll check the inside of your chimney system – from chimney cap to firebox and everything in between –and let you know when you should look at scheduling your annual chimney sweep service.

Trust Chim-Cheroo With All Your Hearth-Related Needs

Rest assured, if it’s your chimney or fireplace that’s causing you problems, the CSIA-trained technicians at Chim-Cheroo are the ones to call. For the last 35 years, we’ve been providing excellent chimney maintenance and repair services to homeowners in the greater Mansfield area.

Highly knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly, our amazing team has seen it all. So, no matter if your system is experiencing a leak you can’t diagnose, or you seem to require a partial or full masonry rebuild, we can help restore your fireplace and chimney to its former glory.

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