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Suffering From Chimney Leaks? Let Us Help!

The holidays are over and it’s several days into the new year. You’ve got the holiday decorations put away in the storage room, and you’ve finally got a little time to look around the house and see how things are holding up. Maybe you are finally going to start that redecorating project you’ve been putting off, or maybe you like to just take a close look at each room in your house and see what odd jobs need to be done to fix things up. If you take a look into the living area and notice that there are some brown spots on the ceiling around the fireplace, or if the wallboard or trim boards are looking a little soft or soggy, then chances are you have a leaky chimney. This is a real problem, but one that the professionals at Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc can help you out with! We are proud to say that we stay on top of all the latest techniques and resources that will keep your chimney leak-free.

What’s Causing Those Leaks?Don't Suffer From Chimney Leaks - Mansfield OH - Chim Cheroo Chimney

There are several different possible sources of chimney leaks. For instance, take a look at the top of the chimney from the outside of the house. At the very top, there’s a concrete piece that is called the chimney crown. The chimney crown is designed with slanted sides that overhang the edge of the roof by at least two inches so that when precipitation hits, it runs down and away from the place where the chimney meets the roof. If your chimney crown is cracked or chipped, that might not happen. Another thing you might notice sitting on top of the chimney crown is a structure called the chimney cap. A chimney cap is designed with a slanted, solid top and mesh sides. The slanted sides direct the precipitation away from the hole that lets the smoke out and onto the chimney crown. This, unlike the crown, isn’t built on, so not every home has one. If your home doesn’t, that could be another reason that your chimney is leaking.

Another thing that might be causing leaks is loose or ripped flashing. The flashing is the metal strips that cover the juncture of the chimney and the roof. If these strips get torn or ripped, then precipitation could be leaking into your chimney. Or if you’ve noticed that the mortar between the bricks is getting crumbly and loose, then precipitation could be leaking into the home through cracks and crumbles.

It’s plain to see that there are lots of reasons that you might be experiencing chimney leaks. It’s also clear that if your chimney is leaking, there’s one great chimney company to call to get those leaks fixed. That company is Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc. Every sweep that works for Chim Cheroo is CSIA certified, and we take great pride in the work we put in to make sure that your home doesn’t get ruined by nasty chimney leaks. If you notice signs of chimney leaks, give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc a call right away!

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We Can Install Bellfires Fireplaces!

Now that the holidays are coming to a close and the new year is approaching, it might seem that the next few months are going to go pretty slowly without anything to look forward to. One way to avoid the post-holiday doldrums is to look into some home repairs or redecorating. If you’ve always wanted to be able to curl up in front of a crackling fire, maybe now is the perfect time to look into installing a new fireplace. If this is something you might be interested in, add Bellfires refractory fireplaces to your list of possible options. At Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc, we sell and install Bellfires fireplaces.

Why A Bellfires Refractory Fireplace?We Can Install Bellfires Fireplaces - Mansfield OH - Chim Cheroo Chimney

Fireplaces have lots of benefits, not the least of which is the cozy feel and smell of a wood fire. But if you’re looking for an efficient heat source, a fireplace isn’t your best option. Early fireplaces especially were inefficient. This was especially unfortunate because fireplaces early on were the only heating source for most homes. Fortunately, the Count of Rumford was on this problem, and he decided to experiment to see if the efficiency could be improved. He realized that the design of the fireplace was at fault, and this is what he worked on. Through experimentation and over time, he developed a plan for a fireplace that was less smoky and burned hotter and cleaner than before. As other inventors realized how beneficial the improvements were, they continued to work on ways to increase the functionality of fireplaces, and eventually Professor Peter Rosin, after conducting scientific experiments on air and smoke flow, produced a product that revolutionized fireplaces. This information was used by Bell of England, and the Bellfire fireplace was born.


The word ‘refractory’ may have you confused. What exactly does this mean? When something is refractory, it means that it can withstand high heat. This is just the word you want when describing your new fireplace.

Bellfires: A Great Option

So, you love how your traditional fireplace looks but you also know that it isn’t necessarily an efficient heat source. Bellfires might just be the way to go. They are ceramic-insulated, which means that the heat won’t transfer to any of the items in your home which might be placed near your fireplace. This is also an assurance that the heat is maintained inside your firebox. Efficiency will be increased because heat is reflected back into the room, so you will be kept warmer and more comfortable, keeping you comfy cozy all winter long.

If you are excited about the idea of installing a Bellfire Refractory Fireplace, give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service a call and let us help you choose and then install your new fireplace. We have experience in this process, and we’ll make sure that everything is working safely and efficiently. Give us a call soon!

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