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Have you been thinking about adding a new heating appliance to your home? Are there any major repairs that you may be needing, especially around the area of your chimney or your fireplace? If chim cheroo logoyou’ve been dreaming about installing a new pellet burner or gas fireplace, or if you know that there are some things that need to be fixed up before you feel confident running your fireplace, then it’s time to call Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc and see what we can do for you.

Different Appliances We Can Set You Up With

First, think about your dream heating appliance. Do you see yourself sitting in front of a glowing pellet burning stove on a cold winter’s night, watching the snowfall outside the window? Or how about, with just a flip of a switch, enjoying a crackling fire while sipping on a cup of creamy hot chocolate? Maybe you just want a redo of your current fireplace, either turning it into a rustic cabin look or bringing it into the twenty-first century with a sleek modern look. No matter what it is that you’re dreaming of, there’s a way that we can make your dream come true.

Repairs We Can Perform

Maybe what you’re looking for isn’t a new appliance, but instead, your current fireplace needs some repair work. If this is the case, we can definitely help you there as well. If you’ve been noticing some areas of leakage, like soft, drooping ceiling tiles or peeling wallpaper, or even more severe symptoms like crumbling mortar or even water in your firebox, then it’s time to have us take a look at some key parts of your fireplace to make sure that the leaks get stopped. It could be that your chimney cap is rusted and needs replacing or that your chimney crown is cracked Or maybe your flashing is torn or loose or rusted and needs to be replaced. Whatever the case, we can take care of all types of repair work to get your fireplace and chimney up and running efficiently and effectively, just in time for winter weather.

Who You Should Call

No matter what you plan to have done to your fireplace or other heating appliance, the place to call is Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc. At Chim Cheroo, our technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified, which means that we have access to all the latest news and educational opportunities in the chimney sweep industry. We are also members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and we are very proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Let’s face it, no matter what your fireplace needs, it’s all about the extras. And that’s just what you’ll get when it comes to your chimney care when you hire Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc: extra good service and care for an extra special job well done!

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It’s Not Too Late To Book Your Fall Cleaning

Fall is well underway, and there are some things that just should have been taken care of by the time the cooler weather hit. One of those jobs is to make sure that your fireplace and chimney are in great shape so that you and your family can be healthy and safe and your home can be safe from the devastating effects of a chimney fire all winter long. But if you’ve neglected to have your chimney inspected and swept over the spring and summer months, don’t panic! You can still give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc a call and we can get you on our schedule before the snow flies!

Why Chimney and Inspection and Cleaning are so Importanthouse behind orange and yellow trees

One of the reasons that people put off having their chimney inspected and cleaned may be because they don’t realize why it’s important. There are several reasons, some cosmetic and some that will actually affect your family’s health and well-being. First, if your chimney has a creosote buildup, it probably smells. Have you noticed a nasty odor when you walk into the family room, one that perhaps gets worse when it’s hot and humid outdoors? That probably means you have a creosote buildup, and the only way to get rid of both the creosote and the odor is to call in the professionals. Creosote is also highly flammable, and even an eighth of an inch of buildup can catch a spark and cause a devastating chimney fire.

Another reason to have Chim Cheroo Chimney Service is that our CSIA certified professionals know exactly what to look for in terms of repair work. For example, if your chimney crown is cracked or if your chimney cap is rusted or bent, you could be getting rain down your chimney that is causing the interior to become weak and cracked. This means that the smoke, rather than being directed out of your chimney, could be getting back into your home. Not only is smoke unpleasant, but the chemicals that are in smoke could also actually cause health issues for you and your family.


Another reason you’ll want your chimney inspected is that there could be a blockage in your chimney. This could be because of debris, leaves, or sticks blowing into your chimney or because an animal may have gotten in and built a nest, which was left behind when the critter and its family moved out. These blockages are fire hazards, but they also block the flow of smoke out of your chimney, causing your chimney to work less efficiently.

Call Today

It’s never too late to call to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, but it is easier for us and for you if this is completed before the snow flies, so call now to have your chimney cleaned and inspected before those snowy, wintery days arrive!

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