Our CSIA-Certified Professionals Provide Thorough Chimney Cleaning Services

Every year, more than 20,000 chimney fires occur in just the U.S. alone. Most of the time, these fires are completely preventable. However, many homeowners don’t realize that having and using a fireplace requires regular maintenance such as annual chimney sweepings to ensure their system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, fire after fire and season after season. Whether you’ve neglected these regular chimney maintenance services, or hire someone who lacks the necessary training and experience required to service such appliances properly, both can severely impact the safety of your chimney system and the rest of your home.

At Chim-Cheroo Chimney Services, we are dedicated to reducing the number of chimney fires here in the U.S. by providing our neighbors throughout Mansfield, Wooster, Sandusky, and beyond with the most thorough chimney cleaning services possible.

Is your chimney nice and swept and ready for another season of use?

Experience & Training You Can Trust

When you trust your annual chimney sweep to the team at Chim-Cheroo, you can expect the most thorough chimney cleaning possible. Each of our fully insured chimney technicians has:

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What Does the Chimney Cleaning Process Look Like?

During a chimney cleaning, we’ll:

  • Carefully clean and inspect the damper – making any necessary adjustments.
  • Sweep the flue, firebox, and smoke chamber with a variety of specialized brushes.
  • Remove soot/creosote from your appliances cleanout door as best as we can, taking care to not get too close to the ash pit – our vacuums cannot take the hundreds of gallons of debris from past fires!
  • Once we’ve finished sweeping the entire chimney, we’ll perform a visual inspection of the system, checking everything including the masonry and crown for damage.

If we find any throughout the sweeping process, we document it with photographs or video footage, in order to show you at the end of your chimney cleaning service. You’ll also be given a detailed copy of our evaluation of your chimney’s condition, which will include any repairs we suggest, as well as when we suggest you should schedule your next sweeping.

We Provide a Mess-Free Chimney Cleaning – Guaranteed

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about chimney repair and maintenance work, is the state of their living space following the service. No one wants soot, creosote, and other debris tracked through their home – including us! That’s why, when you work with Chim-Cheroo Chimney Services, you can relax knowing you’ll receive not only a quality service but one that is guaranteed to be mess-free – a real win-win.

How do we keep your space as clean as possible?

Our chimney technicians come equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to ensure the sooty mess doesn’t get anywhere it’s not supposed to. Using tarps to surround the area nearest your fireplace and specialized dust collectors to prevent dust and soot from infiltrating the air supply, we take every precaution to protect your property throughout the chimney cleaning process. We respect you and your home and work hard to ensure that you feel truly valued and respected from the start of service to the moment we walk out the door.

Schedule Your Annual Chimney Cleaning With Chim-Cheroo Today

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If you’re ready for your annual chimney and fireplace inspection, we’re ready to help with this essential chimney and fireplace service.