Our CSIA-Certified Professionals Provide Thorough Chimney Cleaning Services

Every year, more than 20,000 chimney fires, many of which are preventable, occur in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that keeping up with annual chimney sweepings can significantly reduce their chances of experiencing a chimney fire, or they a hire sweep who lacks experience and training and end up paying for a service without knowing what was done or how thorough the work was. Both scenarios are dangerous and can leave you with a dirty chimney system lined with flammable creosote and chimney blockages.

Those of us here at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service are dedicated to reducing the number of chimney fires here in the U.S. by providing our neighbors throughout Mansfield, Wooster, Sandusky, and beyond with the most thorough chimney cleaning services possible. Is your chimney clean and ready for another season of use?

Experience & Training You Can Trust

When you trust your annual chimney cleaning to the team at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service, you can expect the most thorough chimney cleaning possible. Each of our fully insured chimney sweeps has:

During a chimney cleaning, we’ll carefully clean and inspect the damper, making any necessary adjustments, and sweep the flue, firebox, and smoke chamber with hand brushes and brushes on rods. We will remove soot/creosote from an appliance cleanout door; however, we cannot clean out fireplace ash pits because it will ruin our vacuums and can be upwards of 100+ gallons of past fire debris. Once we’ve finished cleaning the chimney system, we’ll perform a visual inspection of the system, checking everything, including the masonry and crown, for damage. If we detect any damage, we’ll document it with photographs or video footage, which we’ll be more than happy to share with you. You’ll also be given a detailed copy of our evaluation of your chimney’s condition, which will include any repairs we suggest, as well as when we suggest you have your next cleaning.

We Provide A Mess-Free Cleaning – Guaranteed

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about chimney sweeps is that they’ll leave the home messy and sooty. But when you work with Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service, you can put those concerns out of your mind. Our sweeps come equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to ensure a mess-free chimney cleaning. We place tarps on the floor surrounding your fireplace; use specialized dust collectors to prevent dust and soot from infiltrating your air supply; and take every precaution to protect your property throughout the chimney cleaning process. We respect you and your home and work hard to make sure you feel truly valued and respected from the start of service to the moment we walk out the door.

Schedule Your Annual Chimney Cleaning Today

If you haven’t yet scheduled your annual chimney cleaning, give Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service a call at 800-284-8770. We’re here for all your chimney needs! Request an appointment online here!


An annual chimney and fireplace inspection will let you know any chimney or fireplace service that needs to be performed to keep your system in safe operating condition.


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