Warm Up Your Home With a New PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System

There are a couple types of retrofits you can invest in. One option is to install a wood, gas, or pellet stove into an existing masonry fireplace – this is known as retrofitting an insert. Then there’s replacing your existing firebox altogether with a pre-built firebox. That second option is what we’re diving into here.

At Chim-Cheroo we’re proud to install PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace Systems. These offer more heat, improve the look and function of your fireplace, and guarantee a better burn all around.

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PriorFire Retrofit irregular stone fireplace with wood box and door to the left. Mantel is thick limestone and decorated with a picture, arched mirror and candles with a magazine rack to the right.

Why Choose PriorFire?

  • It works on almost every firebox. Most fireplaces meet the height and width requirements for PriorFire installation. And if they don’t? Usually this can be achieved by removing parts of the firebox.
  • It can resolve clearance issues. If your current setup isn’t meeting proper regulations or isn’t up to code, PriorFire can typically get it where it needs to be – it’s currently UL listed as zero clearance to combustibles with 4” nominal masonry.
  • It’s lab-tested and field-proven. What does this mean exactly? That industry experts have jumped through all necessary hopes to ensure this system can function safely in your home.
  • It produces more heat. PriorFire systems are shaped in a way that sends more heat into your living space. In fact, it should radiate 2-3 times more heat than your average setup. This results in fewer emissions as well.
  • It looks great. You won’t have to worry about some clunky-looking setup after your new system is installed. In other words, we’re not swapping aesthetics for efficiency. The flames are tall and fun to watch too.
  • It burns cleaner. These systems are designed to burn more completely, meaning fewer particles are being deposited in your flue. That makes for a better-working and safer system.

Is There a Difference Between a Fireplace Retrofit & an Insert?

So, these are actually two different things.

A retrofit involves gutting out the firebox and smoke chamber, then replacing it with entirely new parts.

An insert will consist of sliding or installing a gas, pellet, or wood stove into your current set-up, without removing internal parts in the process.

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Priorfire PDF fire burning in a fireplace text around it reads Heat Shield Priorfire Retrofit Fireplace System. The Beyond State of the Art System to Upgrade Your Fireplace.
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