Keep Your Chimney Protected With A High-Quality Chimney Cap Or Chase Cover

Those of us here at Chim-Cheroo work hard to keep the chimney systems of our neighbors throughout Mansfield, Ashland, Lorain, Loudonville, Lexington, Lakeside, Port Clinton, and beyond in tip-top shape, season after season. And one of the ways we do this is by making sure that every chimney is properly protected against damage with a quality chimney cap or chase cover.


What’s The Difference Between A Chimney Cap & A Chase Cover?

Homeowners frequently ask us, “What’s the difference between a cap and a chase cover?” It’s simple. A chimney cap is designed to fit atop a masonry chimney, while a chase cover is designed to fit atop a prefabricated chimney. Both essentially perform the same job: they keep moisture, foliage, animals, and insects out of your flue. Why is that so important? Because all of these can do a number on your chimney and fireplace!

  • Whether you have a masonry chimney or a prefabricated chimney, moisture from rain, snow, and sleet can ruin many of the chimney’s components. Masonry starts to crack and crumble; metal flue liners, dampers, and fireboxes begin to rust and corrode. If moisture makes its way into your chimney system, it will significantly shorten your chimney’s service life.
  • Many animals and birds, including raccoons and federally-protected chimney swifts, will nest in a chimney if possible, bringing flammable nesting materials like twigs, moss, and foliage, as well as insects, fur, feathers, and feces with them. These materials can cause flue blockages, start chimney fires, and force smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into your home. Additionally, young animals can get stuck in the chimney or fall down into the fireplace, oftentimes dying as a result.
  • In addition to the foliage that animals and birds may bring down into your chimney, if your chimney is capless or coverless, leaves and twigs can blow in of their own accord, blocking the flue and leading to inefficiency and chimney fire.

Do you know if your chimney system is properly protected? Whether your chimney cap or chase cover is missing, damaged, or simply in need of an upgrade, we can help.

We Sell & Install The Best Chimney Caps & Chase Covers Available

We sell and install high-quality chimney caps and chase covers in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you have a multi-flue chimney or a single flue chimney, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. From durable stainless steel to gorgeous and long-lasting copper, you’ll find it here at Chim-Cheroo.

Have Your Cap Or Cover Professionally Installed Today

To learn more about the chimney caps and chase covers we carry or to request an appointment to have a cap or cover installed, give us a call at 800-284-8770. When you have your chimney cap or chase cover installed by a Chim-Cheroo professional, you can expect long-lasting protection and a perfect fit!

Request an appointment online by filling out our scheduling form!


At Chim Cheroo, we take pride in selling and installing high quality products so you can enjoy efficient heat output for your home.


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