Say Goodbye to Your Leaky Chimney With Our Professional Flashing Repair Services

Smelling something musty and damp near your fireplace? Hearing the dreaded drip…drip…drip… coming from inside your chimney flue? Noticing water damage along the ceilings and walls surrounding your chimney? The roof itself may not be to blame! The area where your chimney protrudes through your home is one that is particularly vulnerable to leaks, which is why it should be carefully and professionally sealed with proper flashing.

What Is Roof or Chimney Flashing?

Flashing refers to the layered metal sheets that cover the area where the chimney exits the roof. These metal sheets act as a sort of additional shingles and are overlapped and layered on the roof and base of the chimney stack to create a watertight seal and prevent any moisture from entering.

Unfortunately, we regularly discover flashing leaks as a result of one or more of the following:

  • Improper or inadequate installation, rendering the flashing ineffective or causing it to rust and gap.
  • Strong winds or animals have lifted or dented the flashing, thus breaking the seal and allowing water to seep down into the joints where the chimney and roof meet.
  • House settling has caused flashing to separate.

The best way to know whether your flashing is responsible for your leak (and to detect these leaks early on) is to have your chimney inspected by one of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals here at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Services. We’ll evaluate the flashing – checking for proper installation and effectiveness, and pinpointing areas of concern or weakness as we go – and determine the best course of action when it comes to chimney repair services.

We Provide Long-Lasting Flashing Protection With FlashSeal

If your flashing is in need of repair, our team can apply FlashSeal, which is flashing sealant that provides a waterproof membrane. When you have this product professionally applied to your flashing, you can expect 7 years of water protection. FlashSeal is available in brown, black, and white to blend with a variety of shingle colors and styles.

Call Us Today To Have Your Flashing Inspected & Repaired

If your flashing needs to be repaired or reinstalled, and you live in the greater Mansfield, OH area, let our team of professionals take care of it! We have decades of flashing repair and installation experience and can provide fast, effective results that will last and last. Call us at 419-752-2231 or request an appointment online to have your chimney flashing looked at today!


Another great way to keep your chimney dry and prevent future chimney leaks is to have us professionally waterproof your chimney. You will be glad you did!