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bad-brick on close up of a chimney you can see the gaps in the mortarWhen water and time team up against the masonry of your chimney and fireplace, they can do a number on the mortar that binds the bricks together. As a result, you may notice holes, gaps, cracks, and disintegration in the mortar joints.

Unfortunately, mortar damage isn’t just unsightly, it’s also dangerous and compromises the structural integrity of your entire chimney system. And if the mortar isn’t promptly and properly repaired, moisture and time will continue to worsen your chimney and fireplace’s condition. In fact, damaged mortar can allow moisture to enter your chimney system and eat away at the metal components in your chimney and fireplace, including your flue liner, your damper, and your firebox. But we’re here to help.

We Provide Seamless & Long-Lasting Tuckpointing Repairs

Here at Chim-Cheroo, we specialize in tuckpointing and can restore the strength and appearance of your chimney and hearth, whether historic or modern. Our team is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and has been expertly trained in masonry tuckpointing and restoration techniques. The tools and methods we use allow us to guarantee seamless, long-lasting results so you can enjoy your chimney system for years to come.

So what is involved in the tuckpointing process? We start by very carefully removing the mortar that needs to be replaced. Next, we mix new mortar that matches both the color and composition of your existing mortar. Once mixed, we use specialized tools to tuck the mortar into the joints. When we’re done replacing all of the damaged mortar, you can expect clean, strong, long-lasting results.

Trust Your Tuckpointing To Those With Experience & Perfected Techniques

Why hire an expert mason to get the job done? A good tuckpointing job should blend seamlessly with the rest of the masonry. Unfortunately, an unskilled and untrained mason will likely provide shoddy and messy results (like uneven surfaces and mortar on bricks) that will detract from the beauty of your home and further compromise the structural integrity of your chimney system.

You see, mortar composition and color can vary from decade to decade and region to region. If the mason working on your home doesn’t have extensive knowledge of these changes and the skill and experience to match both mortar composition and color, he or she can actually leave your chimney or fireplace worse off. Don’t compromise the beauty and strength of your chimney system – call on the experts at Chim-Cheroo.

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If you live in the greater Mansfield, OH area and your mortar is crumbling and deteriorating, call Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service at 800-284-8770. Our masons are committed to providing the most beautiful work, each and every time. Call or click here to request an appointment today!


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