HeatShield® May Be the Solution to Your Chimney Liner Woes

Have cracks, gaps, or crumbling tiles rendered your clay chimney flue liner ineffective, inefficient, and unsafe? HeatShield® may be the solution! When professionally installed by a certified HeatShield® installer, this amazing system can repair and restore your clay tile liner so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace.

Whether Your Flue Liner Needs a Little Repair or a Lot, Heatshield® Can Help

A unique blend of ceramic and refractory materials coining the name “Cerfractory” HeatShield® sealant is a chimney relining alternative for systems lined with terracotta tiles. Before the introduction of HeatShield® roughly 20 years ago, the only way to safely continue using a chimney once the clay tile liner began to deteriorate was to have a stainless steel chimney liner installed. With HeatShield®, you now have more options for restoring your system. Whether you only have a few cracks and holes here and there or your entire liner is in poor shape, HeatShield® can help.

Look down Flue With Damaged Mortar Joints


Look down First Coat of Heatshield Liner in chimney flue

First Coat

Look down chimney flue Finished, Resurfaced With Heatshield

Final Product

The certified HeatShield® installers here at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Services are trained and experienced in all methods of HeatShield® restoration and repair, and can provide a thorough chimney inspection and evaluation so you know just how bad the damage is. If only certain areas are in need of repair, we can apply the product to those areas. If the entire liner needs resurfacing, we can help with that, too.

HeatShield® Repair

If an inspection reveals that your liner’s damage is isolated to specific areas, we’ll start by cleaning those areas and applying a primer. Once the primer is dry, we’ll apply the HeatShield® product directly to the areas in need of repair, smoothing over the surface with a specially designed and fitted foam applicator. Afterwards, we’ll inspect the area with our video scanning equipment and make sure the cracks, gaps, and holes are properly filled and sealed, and that the surface of your flue is smooth and smoke-tight.

HeatShield® Resurfacing

If an inspection reveals that your entire flue is in need of repair, we’ll start by cleaning the flue from top to bottom. Next, we’ll apply a primer and pour the HeatShield® product down into the flue. Using a foam applicator custom-fitted to your flue, we’ll evenly distribute and smooth out the HeatShield® product along the flue liner’s surface. Once the entire flue is resurfaced, we’ll use our video scanning equipment to check our work and make sure that everything is smooth and sealed.

For the Safety of Your Home & Family, Don’t Put Off Chimney Liner Repairs!

If your clay tile liner is cracking, crumbling, or lined with gaps, don’t put off repairs! These damaged areas can allow heat, gases, and sparks to enter the walls surrounding your chimney and easily cause a house fire or lead to exposure to carbon monoxide. To schedule a chimney inspection or relining service, give us a call at 419-752-2231 or book online now. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians service the greater Mansfield, OH area and will take care of all of your chimney needs promptly and professionally.


A long-lasting option for relining your chimney is to go with stainless steel liners. Call us for more information.