Enjoy More Heat Without Losing The View With A Bellfires Fireplace

Bellfire-Fireplace-Installation-Mansfield-OH-Chim-CherooWhen it comes to beauty and charisma, nothing beats a beautiful, open-style hearth. But when it comes to heat output and efficiency, there’s got to be a better way – and there is. If you can’t imagine life without the beautiful view of an open fireplace but wish you could enjoy higher heat output and less waste, ask the experts here at Chim-Cheroo about Bellfires.

Bellfires refractory fireplaces allow you to enjoy the open hearth style that you love but, because of their design, they can far out-perform your old fireplace. What makes them so different? Read on!

What Makes Bellfires So Efficient?

Bellfires Fireplaces- Mansfield OH- Chim Cheroo Chimney ServiceOne reason Bellfires are so great at putting out more heat is that the hearth, firebox, and smoke chamber are ceramic-insulated. This prevents heat from transferring to nearby combustibles and keeps the heat in the firebox. The apex on the back wall of the firebox works to direct all that heat out into the room, where it can warm you and your family.

The design of a Bellfires also provides a more complete burn. As a result, it essentially eradicates creosote buildup (which is a result ofbellfire fireplace 3 incomplete combustion) and will give you longer, more productive fires using a fraction of the wood your existing fireplace requires.

What About Installation?

Worried about the time and labor involved with installation? Don’t be! Bellfires are pre-cast fireplaces, so you can put to rest any worries about labor costs, time, and mess. The team at Chim-Cheroo has extensive Bellfires installation experience and can retrofit your new Bellfires right into your existing hearth. When we’re finished, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the beauty of your open hearth, with a major boost in efficiency and warmth.

bellfire fireplace 4You Can Have It All With A Bellfires

If you’ve been dreaming of a more efficient, more productive fireplace but don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of your open hearth, give us a call at 800-284-8770! We’ll answer any questions you may have about Bellfires so you can determine if a Bellfires fireplace is right for your hearth and home.  Call us today!

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