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Post-Holiday Cleaning

It’s so much fun getting ready for the holidays! You’ve cleaned, decorated, baked, and partied to your heart’s content, and soon that big day will arrive. The unwrapped presents, the leftovers, and the guests will just be a memory. As you prepare for the new year, give your house another thorough cleaning to make sure all the Christmas decorations are cleared out. One part of the house that you don’t want to neglect is your chimney. You probably used your fireplace quite a bit over the holiday season, so it needs come simple do-it-yourself cleaning. It’s also a good idea to get a more thorough cleaning, and so now would be a good time to call Chim Cheroo Chimney Service and have us come in for a post-holiday cleaning.

Make Sure You Give the Firebox a Good Cleaning

Heavy usage is another reason you’ll want to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned. In the hustle of the holidays, you most likely haven’t had time to give your fireplace a good cleaning. If this is the case, you’ll want to get to that cleaning right away! This is a matter that you can take care of on your own in a few simple steps. First, cover your furniture with old sheets and gather all the paraphernalia you’ll need to clean. Next, take the andirons and grate outside and give them a good scrub. Use a fire shovel to gather the ashes in the firebox and sweep up any loose dust and ash. You can also take a wire brush and some warm water and baking soda to scrub off the bricks on the fireplace. You’ll be happy at how fresh and clean your fireplace looks!

Why Hire a Professional

When you use your fireplace a lot, you’re going to get pretty thick creosote buildup, and this is where we come in. A fire makes the house, warm, cozy, and welcoming during the holidays. Firewood that is not well cured releases heavy and moist smoke, leading to thicker creosote buildup. As January starts up, you’ll be using the fireplace more and more, and if a stray spark hitting that heavy creosote could lead to a fire. We have the right tools and the experience to get all of that nasty creosote out so that you can burn a fire safely through the rest of the winter.

Here at Chim Cheroo, we look forward to making sure your chimney is clean and safe throughout the rest of the winter months. Give us a call today to set up your post-holiday inspection and cleaning.

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Plan Family Time in Front of the Fire

Winter weather is finally here! When the weather turns cold, it’s time to think about cozying down in a warm house. Also,  snuggling under soft blankets and enjoying precious time with your family. All of this while feeling safe and secure in front of a beautiful, crackling fire. There is no better way to spend time bonding with your family, creating precious memories to carry with you throughout the year.

Plan Family Time in Front of the Fire Image - Mansfield OH - Chim Cheroo ChimneyGet a Good Fire Going

In order to build a really good, safe fire, you’ll want to start off by opening your dampers all the way. The Martha Stewart website says that you should put some crumpled newspaper under the grate, and top this with strips of newspaper. Loosely stack six to twelve pieces of kindling on top of the newspaper, then add a couple of thin, split logs. Light the tinder, then add some small logs and one bigger log to the fire once it’s burning steadily. You’ll want these stacked loosely, as well, so the fire has room to breathe. And although it’s tempting to pile the wood on so you can have a roaring fire, don’t!  This is because this could either smother it or make it burn out of control.

Create Memories

If you’re looking to have some family fun in front of the fire, why not start by serving a cozy meal? Go fancy and have your loved ones seated on cushions in front of a low table in front of the fire. You can also make it a casual meal of roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Don’t forget the graham crackers and chocolate, of course! When you’re finished, get out some of your favorite board games. Have young children? Sit them on the couch in front of the fire. Snuggle up and read them a favorite book. These are great ways to spend the hours and create great memories. And of course, adding some steaming hot cocoa is sure to sweeten any activity!

Be Safe!

It’s especially important to make sure that you stay safe during fireplace season. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that you have enough smoke detectors. The U.S. Fire Administration website states that smoke detectors should be installed in each bedroom. In addition, outside of any sleeping areas, and on every floor of the house – including the basement. Also, a fire should never be left unattended, and should be out before leaving the house or going to bed. Never leave small children alone in a room with a burning fire! Better yet, if you have small children, think about installing a safety screen in front of the fireplace.

Trust the Best

The best way to ensure that you have plenty of safe family time in front of the fire? Have your fireplace inspected, cleaned, and repaired by experts at Chim Cheroo Chimney Service. They are CSIA certified and trained in the latest technology to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Give them a call today!

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