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Have you looked at your chimney lately? This may seem like an odd question because a chimney is something that most people take for granted. It is an extremely sturdy structure, made of durable materials such as bricks or stone and mortar. It probably looks pretty good when you drive in every evening after work, and most people don’t give it more than a glance when they walk by.House in a water drop But if you take a closer look, you may notice that your chimney isn’t in as good of shape as you may have thought. There may be loose bricks or crumbling mortar, and that can be a very expensive problem to have. But even if your chimney seems to be in great shape, it’s a good idea to have a professional come in and take a closer look. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have your chimney inspected on a yearly basis to make sure that the structure is in good condition and performing as it should be to keep your family safe and healthy.


As solid as your chimney seems, it can still use some protection. At Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc, we know just the steps to take to protect your chimney from the ill-effects of precipitation, and that means waterproofing. This process involves coating the outside of your chimney with a liquid sealer to keep the precipitation out of the pores of the brick and mortar. Although this seems like a simple process, the bricks and mortar probably already have moisture resting in the pores, and if the sealant you choose isn’t water permeable, that moisture will sit and cause further problems. That’s why Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc uses ChimneySaver water-repellent. This product is amazing because it is designed in a way that keeps precipitation from entering the surface while allowing any moisture that has accumulated in your bricks and mortar to leave. This leaves your chimney completely protected from the damages caused by moisture, both inside and out.

Another thing that should be waterproofed is your chimney crown. Your chimney crown is the piece that is built on to the top of the chimney, and it should be made of concrete. Some contractors, however, try to cut corners by making this structure out of mortar instead, and this means that the crown will be more susceptible to cracking and crumbling. If this is the case, it won’t be able to do the job it’s built for, which is protecting your home from leaks from precipitation and the water damage which can result. Your chimney crown can also be coated with CrownCoat, a sealant made by ChimneySaver. This material will seal cracks and chips and make your chimney strong enough to withstand the elements.

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If you’re worried about the state of your chimney and chimney crown and want to protect your home from expensive repairs caused by water damage, give Chim Cheroo a call today. We’ll take a look and discover any problem areas. Set up an appointment as soon as you can, and you’ll save yourself from worrying about the damage caused by the next big rainfall!

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Keep Your Flashing In Good Repair

Flashing & Good Repair Image - Mansfield OH - Chim Cheroo ChimneyMany people think of their chimney as strong, durable, and indestructible – but that is not the case. Although chimneys are strong, they do need to be inspected and cared for on an annual basis. There are also things that you can do to be proactive when it comes to making sure that your chimney stays strong and durable – and one of these things is making sure that the flashing of your chimney is in good repair.

So What is Flashing?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website, flashing is “the seal between the roofing material and the chimney.” This is such an important part of the makeup of your chimney because it prevents precipitation from running down your chimney and ruining the interior of your home – the ceilings or walls. The flashing is designed in a way that allows the roof and the chimney to expand and contract individually without compromising the seal in either area. Flashing is made up of layered metal sheets that cover where the chimney comes out of the roof. The sheets are layered and overlapped so that water can’t enter along the base.

So, you can tell from this that the flashing is pretty important, right? Because it protects the joints, the chimney, and the interior of your home, it’s very important that you keep your flashing in good repair.

What Can Cause Flashing to be Damaged or Leak?

Sometimes your flashing can, for one reason or another, become exposed. If it is exposed, it will look like a long run of sheet metal and will feature large cracks. According to the freshhome website, this may happen because of the tar used to seal the flashing together. This tar can corrode over time, which can leave the flashing exposed to wind, rain, and other precipitation, and this can cause the flashing to crack.

Even when a high-quality caulking is used to seal the edges of flashing, it can sometimes work itself loose over time. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy fix, especially for one of the professionals at Chim Cheroo Chimney Service.

Another cause of flashing disrepair can be common house settling. Over time, all houses go through a settling process, and this can cause cracks or spacing to occur in your flashing materials.

Your flashing, even if installed correctly, may experience damage from weather or even animals. Strong winds can cause your flashing to pull away from the roofing; strong animals can do the same. These same elements (wind or animals) can also cause dents in the flashing, and when this occurs, precipitation can easily get under the flashing and cause your roof to leak.

Make Sure Your Flashing Is In Great Shape

Whether your flashing is in a state of disrepair or just needs to be checked out, the experts at Chim Cheroo Chimney Service have the knowledge and the experience to make sure that any leaks are taken care of. They use quality products and have had decades of experience in flashing inspection and repair. You can know that your flashing AND your home’s interior will be kept in tip-top shape when Chim Cheroo Chimney Service is on the job!

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