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Fall, Football, and Chimney Cleanings

Fall is here and in Ohio, that means colored leaves and cooler weather. But that’s not all it means! When you’re from Ohio, you know that fall weather means football! Ohioans love their football, whether it’s the Ohio State Buckeyes you’re cheering on or you prefer the pros and pick the Cleveland Browns or the Cincinnati Bengals. Shoot – when your state is home to the Football Hall of Fame, you know that football isn’t something that Ohioans take lightly! There’s another thing that you shouldn’t take lightly, and that’s having your chimney cleaned.

Inspection, Cleaning, and Repairs

If you own a home with a fireplace, you should be aware of the need to have your chimney inspected and cleanedfootball on an annual basis. This is important for several reasons. First, if you use your chimney on a regular basis over the course of a winter, there is probably a considerable build-up of creosote on the interior of your chimney. Smoke is made up of the moisture that’s left in the wood you’re burning, which is why it’s important that your wood is properly cured. When the moisture and chemicals that are escaping in the form of smoke hit the cool interior of the chimney, it forms that gunky material called creosote, which is also highly flammable. If even an eighth of an inch of creosote exists, it can catch a spark and start a dangerous chimney fire. Many homeowners that burn with gas don’t realize that gas appliances can also cause a corrosive build-up in the chimney. No matter what type of burning appliance you have, it’s important to have your chimney cleaned on an annual basis.

When Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc comes in and inspects your chimney, we’ll also be looking for areas that are in need of repairs. It’s dangerous to have cracks in your mortar or chimney liner because your chimney won’t be venting those dangerous gases out of your home like it should be, so we are very careful to make sure that we lookout for any danger areas and take care of repairs before you start using your fireplace again. We’ll also take special care to look at your flashing, chimney crown, and chimney cap to make sure that precipitation is being properly directed away from your chimney openings.

Why Now?

Why is fall the perfect time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned? For one thing, repairs that are left unfixed will only become bigger and more expensive. Also, with cooler weather approaching, you’ll soon start wanting to use that fireplace again, and so it’s important to have your chimney ready for that use. That means making sure it’s clear of creosote buildup and other obstructions and that all areas of breakdown have been repaired. Give us a call today and set up an appointment to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, then sit back and enjoy cheering on your favorite team!

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Spring Cleaning for Your Chimney Systems

There’s just something about springtime that gets you in the mood for change. Once the weather is nice, you want to spend more time outdoors, taking walks, grilling, or even just hanging out on the front porch. Sometimes the spring cleaning fever hits, as well; closets get emptied, attics get cleaned, garage get swept. It just feels good to get everything in order so that you can enjoy the long, lazy days of summer. One place you definitely don’t want to neglect is your chimney system. Although nothing can replace your annual sweeping and inspection from a qualified professional, there are some things that you can do to prepare your chimney for summer.

Cleaning You Can Do Yourself

In order to prepare for spring cleaning your fireplace, you must first assemble the tools. It’s a messy job, and you don’t want to quit in the middle of doing it. Some essential items you’ll need are the following: a fireplace broom, a fireplace shovel, a metal can, a stiff-bristled brush, and some plastic covering to put down in front of the fireplace. If you have a hand-held vacuum, this can come in handy as well.

First, clear out the ashes. Ashes can be fly-away, so a good trick is to sprinkle some used coffee grounds over the ashes to hold them down. Next, shovel the ashes in the metal can, then take them out of the house to dispose – use the broom or the vacuum to pick up remaining ashes. Then, remove the andirons and grate to take them outside with the stiff-bristled brush and scrub them down. You can even reach up into the chimney with the brush to scrub out any soot and grime – make sure to put some newspapers down to collect the falling debris!

Next, you’ll want to clean the bricks in the fireplace. This can be accomplished by either brushing them down or use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. If there are tough spots that need extra cleaning, use a mixture of water and cream of tartar. Dab mixture on the spots, let it set a few minutes, and wash off with warm water. You can repeat those steps as many times as necessary.

Finally, clean the glass doors on your fireplace to cap off this job and leave the room looking fresh and clean. Because the grime on the doors is tougher than ordinary dirt, one trick is to use ashes to clean it. Get some old newspapers damp, dip them in ashes, and use this to scrub the glass. It may take a little elbow grease, but the end result is most definitely worth it!

Cleaning by Professionals

Of course, none of this should replace your annual chimney spring cleaning and inspection, performed by professionals. Give the professionals at Chim Cheroo Chimney Systems a call soon to get your sweeping out of the way early, and you can spend the rest of your summer days enjoying all the fun, warm weather activities!

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