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A Bellfires Fireplace Can Improve Your Home

Do you know why early chimneys were wider than their modern day counterparts? They needed to be wide enough for a chimney sweep to squeeze through. Many early chimneys weren’t made of brick and mortar, either. They were, in fact, made of wood lined with clay or of ‘waddle and daub’ – woven wood lined with clay, straw, and even dung. These structures were highly flammable and unsafe, resulting in the loss of many homes!

Another problem with early chimneys? The layout of the bricks or other building material. Instead of creating a smooth interior, there were many dips and crevices. This meant that the chemicals in the smoke had many places to which to adhere and build up. Thus, again, a formula for chimney fires just waiting to happen. Fortunately, there were scientists that were concerned enough with the loss of lives and property from chimney fires. They were willing to study the problem and come up with some safer solutions. So, soon chimneys became safer and more efficient. One of these men was Benjamin Thompson, also known as Count Rumford.

Looking for a Better Way

Count Rumford was looking to eliminate many of the problems associated with burning a fire in your home; mainly, he was looking to get rid of the smoke filled room. He decreased the size of the cooking area. In addition, he got rid of the chimney that was built on the outside of a home and replaced it with one that could be installed into the walls of the home. He also made sure that smoke was directed up and out through the chimney, rather than back into the home. Around this same time, Count Rumford also created a cook stove that allowed heat to be regulated by adjusting the draft. These two systems were the forerunners of the Bellfires Fireplace as we know it today, a system that helps heat your home in an efficient and effective manner!

Benefits of a Bellfires Fireplace

With a Bellfires Fireplace, you will still get a real fire experience. A wood burning fire on an open hearth, snapping flames, and that wonderful crackling sound.  However, Bellfires Fireplaces have extra benefits! Due to their design, your wood will burn hotter, which means that the wood will burn completely! No more half burned logs left when you’re done with the fire for the night. Also, this hot burn means that you are getting a more efficient fire, which means more heat into your room and less up the chimney. This will mean lower heating bills as well.

Chim Cheroo Installs Bellfires Fireplaces

Are you looking for that real fireplace experience, but want a more efficient fire that can help heat your home? If so, call Chim Cheroo Chimney Service and ask about having a Bellsfires Refractory Fireplace installed in your home. After a few winter nights spent cuddling up in front of your cozy, crackling fire, you’ll be glad you did!

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Bellfires Fireplaces

If you are a homeowner with a working fireplace, you know how relaxing and restful it can be to finish up a long day by putting up your feet in front of a warm, crackling fireBellfires Fireplaces- Mansfield OH- Chim Cheroo Chimney Service. But you also know that most fireplaces can be inefficient and not always convenient to use. Help is on the way! If you are looking for a way to improve efficiency and still enjoy a real crackling wood fire, a Bellfires fireplace may be just what you are looking for. If you’re looking to install a Bellfires refractory fireplace, Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service is the chimney service to call.

What is a Bellfires Refractory Fireplace?

Although fire has been used for centuries to heat homes, according to the bellsfiresusa website, in the late 1700s, Benjamin Thompson, Count of Rumford, began to study how a fireplace worked in order to come up with a fireplace design that would “burn cleaner and hotter, and most importantly, did not smoke.” Later, in the 1900s, Dr. Peter O. Rosin expanded on Rumford’s design. “Through the use of laboratory equipment, Dr. Rosin was able to observe air and smoke flow patterns and thus developed the ideal firebox and chimney shape for maximum efficiency.”

Because of the work of Rumford and Rosin, a new type of fireplace was developed. Bellfires fireplaces offer an ideal firebox and throat shape which, along with ceramic-insulated components, allow for a smoke-free fire that actually heats more of your home, rather than allowing the heat to exit through the chimney like a standard fireplace does.

Advantages to a Bellfires Refractory Fireplace

The Bellfires refractory fireplace has several advantages over other fireplaces. Bellfiresusa states that one of these advantages is the refractory liner. Because the liner can store a large amount of radiant heat, the firebox temperatures can be elevated above normal conventional fireplaces. Because of the nearly complete combustion, no visible smoke comes out of the chimney. Another big advantage of this is that there is a very low amount of creosote, which will make the cleaning of your chimney a breeze. This also helps to get rid of bad odors that can emanate from build-up inside your chimney.

The Bellfires fireplace also is made with an innovative material that includes extra wall thickness. This makes the fireplace almost indestructible, which saves on possible expensive repairs later on. Another advantage that the Bellfires fireplace offers is a design that features the “Apex,” which is located along the back wall of the fireplace. The hot space that is created allows for more heat to radiate back into the room.

Chim-cheroo Offers Bellfires Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a fireplace that offers warmth and efficiency, Bellfires is the way to go. And if you’re looking for a chimney service that offers outstanding service, CSIA certified technicians who have training and experience in working with Bellfires fireplaces, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, than turn to the experts at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service. They look forward to meeting all your chimney service needs!

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