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Exterior Rebuilds

Summer is the perfect time to call Chim Cheroo Chimney Service at 419-752-2231 to set up a time to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. We recommend summer as it gives our technicians plenty of time to do your inspection, and sometimes we find necessary repairs too.

We know homeowner do not want or like to hear this. However, you can rest assured that there is no better company to take care of major repairs that your chimney need including a chimney rebuild.

What Goes Wrong?

So what could possibly happen to your chimney for it to need a rebuild? The first thing that comes to mind is your chimney most likely experienced a chimney fire. A major reason that chimney fires occur is that you have an excessive amount of creosote build-up. Creosote is the material that builds up from the smoke that your fire emits. The chemicals in the smoke rise. When the warm air reaches the cooler interior of your chimney, it condenses onto your chimney and forms creosote, which is a highly flammable.

There are a couple of reasons for an excessive build up of creosote. One reason is because you’ve neglected to have your chimney cleaned yearly. Another reason is the type of wood you’re using. If your wood hasn’t been cured properly, or you’re using the wrong type of wood such as softwoods or pine.

Another cause for a chimney rebuild could be weathering. Over time, the weather can cause the mortar of your chimney to break or crack. When rain gets in the pores of your masonry and freezes, it expands and causes cracking. As this cycle continues, the more damage your chimney get. And the longer this goes unchecked, the bigger and more expensive your repair or rebuild become.

Rebuilding Can Solve Your Problems

Finding out that your chimney needs a rebuild can seem overwhelming , but you can breath easy with our professional and experience team of experts on the job. We are dedicated to solving all your chimney problems including repairs and rebuilds.

We’ll get the rebuild done quickly with as little mess and fuss as possible, and at a reasonable price too. Don’t forget to ask about our two year guarantee! We want to leave our customers satisfied, and that’s exactly what you’ll be when you call us.

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Rebuilding Your Firebox

All you’ve been dreaming about as the end of summer approaches is cuddling up on a cool fall evening to bask in the warmth of a glowing fire in your beautiful fireplace. And then those dreams come crashing down when, as you’re cleaning your fireplace, you see that there is cracking and crumbling where there shouldn’t be. Don’t worry! The experts at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service are there for you and for any repairs or rebuilds that your firebox might need.


What Part of my Fireplace IS the Firebox?

The Bob Vila website tells you that a masonry fireplace is made up of a brick or stone firebox, a brick or stone chimney, and, usually, a wood mantel. The chimney is, of course, the part of your fireplace that carries the smoke up and out of your house. Then there is the mantel, it’s the shelf above your fireplace. This will prevent smoke from getting inside your home. Lastly, the firebox is the part of your fireplace that actually houses the fire. According to the CSIA website, if it’s a factory built fireplace the firebox will be made up of a lightweight metal component.

rebuilding-your-firebox-mansfield-oh-chim-cheroo-w800-h600How Sturdy is the Firebox?

The firebox of your masonry chimney is made of brick or stone. This means it can withstand the very high temperatures of the fires you build. However, even this sturdy material can, over time, have a certain level of deterioration take place. According the CSIA website, there are several different circumstances that can cause this deterioration:

  1.  The heat of your fires will cause thermal expansion and contraction to occur. Over time, this will cause mortar joints to weaken.
  2.  If the mason who constructed your fireplace didn’t use quality materials or wasn’t experienced in building a quality fireplace, you may experience a breakdown in your firebox.
  3. Your chimney has no chimney cap or the chimney cap isn’t in good repair. This allows rain, sleet, and snow to seep down your chimney and into your firebox. This will cause the mortar and even bricks to crumble.
  4. In addition, if water is allowed to seep into the firebox, it can settle on the smoke shelf. It will combine with the soot that forms behind the damper and mix to form an acidic sludge. That sludge will then seep into the firebox, which will destroy the mortar joints.


Can a Damaged Firebox be Salvaged?

To the untrained eye, these damages may appear to leave you with a hopeless fireplace situation. However, you have expert technicians like those at Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service available to survey the damage. They will analyze the situation and develop a reconstruction plan, so you will soon be on the path to recovery and repair. Call soon for your annual chimney and fireplace inspection, cleaning, and repair. Whether your firebox needs repairs or a complete rebuild, these specially trained and CSIA certified technicians will know just what to do. In no time, you will be sitting in front of your beautiful fireplace. Give Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service a call today!

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