Don’t you hate it when your favorite things get stained and discolored? All it takes is one glass of red juice to make a stain on your carpet. Your chimney can also show discoloration. If your chimney has cracks or splits, it may be allowing precipitation to get in, and that can run down into your walls and ceilings. If you notice brown spots or stains on your ceilings or walls near the fireplace, it’s very likely that you have a leak in your chimney that needs attention. That’s when you give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc a call to schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping and to discuss any repairs that may be necessary.

Chimneys Get Stained, Tooivy covering on the roof and chimney

Not only can a leaky chimney cause stains and other problems, but your chimney can get stained, too. If there are cracks in the chimney crown, if your chimney cap is rusted or damaged, if the flashing is loose or torn, or if there’s just a wearing away of the mortar over time, water could be streaking down the chimney, both inside and out, causing rust and mildew to settle in and look bad, as well as cause continuing damage to the structure of the chimney. It’s important to have any weak or damaged areas inspected and repaired quickly, so nothing more occurs. Anytime a metal assembly piece, such as the dampers or the chimney cap, get rusty, the opportunity exists for rust stains to develop. We can easily diagnose that problem and replace any pieces that are an issue.

Another common issue for discoloration and unsightly stains on your chimney is moss growth. It’s not uncommon for moss or ivy to grow on your chimney. In fact, if your mortar is already weak and crumbly, this is a perfect spot for ivy to grow, as its roots can easily invade that spot. That’s another reason to make sure that your mortar is strong and solid. Moss can also grow to cover your chimney. Brick and mortar hold moisture, and that’s what moss thrives on, especially if the area is cool and shaded. This moss can look bad, cause stains to occur, and also cause further damage to your chimney, so it’s important to get rid of it before it takes hold.

Call Chim Cheroo Chimney Service Inc

If you see growth and stains appearing on your chimney, give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service a call. We can powerwash the intrusive growth to remove it, get rid of stains, and then waterproof your chimney to help it stay clean looking and free from moss, mold, and other growth which can look unsightly as well as damage your chimney structure. In this case, it’s definitely better to act sooner, so give us a call today!