When buying a home, many people are attracted to the idea of a fireplace for cosmetic appeal and functionality. However, it is important to understand the maintenance involved to keep your fireplace running efficiently and safely.

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Generally speaking, there are two main types of fireplaces: masonry fireplaces and factory-built fireplaces. If your fireplace was constructed when your home was built, it is probably a masonry fireplace. They are commonly built using brick, stone, and mortar, and many use wood as the source of fire. However, with environmental awareness becoming more and more important, many masonry fireplaces now have gas-burning log sets which give off less pollutants into the air.

Although you can add a masonry fireplace to your existing home, it will be a time-consuming, labor intensive, expensive operation. A better alternative might be a factory-built fireplace (also known as a pre-fabricated, or pre-fab model). These fireplaces are made in a factory and can easily be installed in your home. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, these pre-fab fireplaces are “lightweight, inexpensive, safe and efficient” and have excellent safety records if properly installed.


According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, when using your masonry fireplace, by-products such as smoke, unburned wood particles, hydrocarbons, and more are released. Your chimney acts as a channel to release these by-products into the air rather than into your home. However, as these by-products are released into your chimney, they cool and leave a residue behind which coats the inside of your chimney. This residue is known as creosote. Although pre-fab fireplaces must pass special testing to be installed in most areas of the United States, these metal chimneys also collect creosote. Because of the danger of chimney fires in both masonry and pre-fab fireplaces due to build-up of residues, the National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.”


When looking for a chimney cleaning service, there are several considerations to keep in mind. You want to hire chimney sweeps who have been trained in the latest chimney sweeping techniques, who have undergone thorough background checks, and who have Chimney Safety Institute of America certification. The chimney sweeps at Chim Cheroo Chimney Service, Inc. meet these criteria, and offer superior care and service for chimneys and fireplaces. They are also dedicated to leaving your home mess free, following a carefully constructed checklist to ensure that your property is protected from dust and soot.

To maintain the safety and beauty of your fireplace, be sure to follow a yearly chimney cleaning schedule. This will ensure many years of worry-free pleasure and relaxation in front of your cozy fireplace.