When you went looking for a chimney sweep company, how’d you go about it? Did you ask your neighbor? See someone in the neighborhood with a truck in front of their house and ask them? Drive around the city looking for a storefront that had a chimney sweep logo on the window? That may have been the way things used to be done, but chances are that today, with all the information we have at our fingertips, you probably went online, did some searching, and read some reviews. That’s a great way to find out what you need to know about a company before actually hiring them. That’s also a great reason that you should write a review for a company that’s done work for you.

Why Write A Review?

When you receive great service from a business, it helps them if you write an online review about it. This lets them know they’re doing a good job, and could help brings in more customers! According to the Local Consumer Review Survey conducted in 2014 , of people who use online reviews, around 88% use these reviews to determine the quality of the business they’re researching – and this number is increasing. Another finding of this report states that most people who read reviews prefer to read more than ten reviews of a company in order to determine if that company is worth using for their services. A more recent Local Consumer Review Survey  found that 68% of consumers say that if a local business receives positive reviews, they are more likely to trust that business.

As you know chimney services can be expensive. For this reason many people have a hard time deciding what services they actually need and who to select to do them. Reviewing your chimney service provider is the perfect way to show people the level of quality they provided, how honest they were about pricing, and their expertise.

How To Write An Effective Review

According to lifehacker.com, there are ways to do a review right. According to this website, when writing a review, give the important details, but skip the storytelling. Make sure that the details you give are relevant to the situation. Give the date of the service, the actual job that was completed, and whether you were satisfied with the work. And don’t forget to give a great business a five-star rating.

Where To Leave A Review

So you want to leave a review but don’t know where to leave it? At hubspot.com , there is a listing of the top places to leave reviews. Google and Angie’s List are great sites, and some other top sites are Yelp and Facebook. You can also ask your sweep which site they’d prefer you leave review on. All of these options though can help a great business like Chim Cheroo Chimney Service when you leave a quality review.

Just Do It!

If you’ve received exceptions service or just want to help someone select a quality company share your experience by leaving an online review. It won’t take you long, and you’ll be happy you did!