When you think of using your fireplace, cold winter nights come to mind. Of course, winter seems like the ideal time to use your fireplace. However, it’s also great to use to get the chill out of the house on autumn nights and spring evenings. Having said that, sometimes your chimney can cause problems. When leaks appear, the best time to fix them is in the spring!

The Problems Water Causes

When the mortar between the bricks or stones breaks down, not only can the exterior of your chimney be damaged, but the interior can be damaged as well. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America website, when your chimney leaks, several things can be damaged. Some of these problems could include a deteriorating central heating system, stained chimney exterior, rusted damper assembly, and stained ceiling and walls. And these are just a few of the problems that might occur.

How Water Causes Problems

Rain, sleet, or snow can cause some big problems for your mortar chimney. Precipitation can wear away at your mortar, but even worse is the freeze/thaw cycle. During this cycle, water will seep into the porous mortar and sit there until the temperature drops to freezing. When water freezes, it expands. This causes cracks to appear where there used to be just pores. When it melts, those cracks fill in with liquid again, and the cycle continues. These cracks can cause big problems.

There are other problems that can make your roof leak as well. It could be the flashing, that sheet metal that keeps the joint where your chimney and roof meet tight. Sometimes the flashing leaks because it wasn’t properly installed, and sometimes it just wears out over time. Whatever the reason, this can cause leaks.

Another possibility if you find out your chimney is leaking could be that your chimney isn’t really leaking. It could actually be your roof! Chimney.com states it like this: “Often the water enters the roof several feet away from the chimney and then collects at the point where the chimney meets the roofing material and appears to be a chimney leak.” The best solution to a roof leak is to have your roof repaired or maybe even replaced.

Warm Weather Fixes

According to Chimney.com, the best time to have your chimney repaired is during the summer. This will give your repair materials the proper temperature to cure the way they’re supposed to. After your leaks are fixed, you might want to think about getting your chimney waterproofed as well.

Who to Call

Whether you need a new chimney or chimney repairs, spring time is a great time to have these repairs done. A great place to call to take care of any work that you need done, whether it’s inspection, cleaning, or repairs, is Chim Cheroo Chimney Service. They’ll give the best service you can ask for and make sure that the job is done right!