Everything gets tougher in the winter. Just a simple trip to the store is more difficult when there’s a foot of snow in the driveway. You never know when your plans may change because there’s a storm brewing. So, if you know that if your chimney is in need of repair or restoration, you don’t want to wait until the snow to get it taken care of. You want to make sure that your chimney is up and running. This way you’ll be able to cozy down in front of a crackling fire when that snow hits! When there are repair jobs that need to be taken care of, Chim Cheroo Chimney Service is the place to call.

Have Your Chimney Restored Before the Snow Falls - Mansfield OH - Chim CherooWhy Repairs May Be Needed

Your chimney can need repairs for several reasons. When you burn a fire in your fireplace, the smoke carries chemicals into your chimney. These chemicals will condense on the cooler surface of the interior of your chimney. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, this buildup is extremely flammable! If you continue to burn fires when the buildup is thick, a chimney fire is a big possibility. If a chimney fire happens, you will definitely be looking at major restoration.

Another cause of repairs in your chimney is weather. There is no way that you can prevent precipitation hitting your chimney. This precipitation, in whatever form it may take, will eventually cause some problems for your chimney. Best Picks Reports states that snow, rain, or other forms of precipitation can cause leaks in the chimney itself. In addition, causing rust in different components of your chimney, such as damper or firebox assemblies. Also, when precipitation permeates the porous surface of your mortar or bricks and then freezes, it will expand and cause larger cracks to occur.

These are two reasons that your chimney might need repairs. Besides these, just plain time takes its toll on your chimney. Chimneys can actually start to lean over time, and you can also see other signs of deterioration. These include flaking of the mortar, or stains that run down your chimney. When you see these signs, you need to call in the troops to make some repairs.

Are the Repairs Necessary

If your chimney doesn’t look good, it can make your whole house look shabby. But, it isn’t only for cosmetic reasons that you’ll want to get your chimney restored. A chimney that is in disrepair can cause serious health risks. Not only can creosote build-up cause a fire, but cracks can cause a back-draft of toxic gases to filter back into your home instead of out your chimney. So, if you’re thinking that a shabby looking chimney isn’t enough incentive to have it repaired or restored, than think of these reasons, and give Chim Cheroo Chimney Service a call.

Call Now

It won’t be long before the cold winter weather arrives. Consequently, by this that point it won’t be easy for professionals to come in and make the repairs that are needed in your chimney. If you need the repairs, call now! The CSIA certified professionals at Chim Cheroo will be there to investigate, advice, and repair – before the snow falls!