When would you rather do a complete and thorough do-it-yourself job of car detailing in your driveway on a beautiful summer day or in the middle of a blizzard? How about water skiing? Would you rather do this on a hot afternoon in the middle of July or during a sleet storm in December? The answer to these questions don’t take much thought. Of course you’d rather do these things when the weather is warm and sunny! Did you know that the question of when to have the exterior of your chimney worked on has the same answer? The best time to do exterior chimney work is right now – when the weather is hot and sunny.

Exterior Chimney Repair Jobs

Take a minute to walk outside and really examine the exterior of your chimney.  You may be able to see signs that there is some deterioration and damage taking place. Even if you can’t see it, that deterioration and damage might still be present. It’s always a good idea to do a visual check of the exterior of your home. However, you might want to give Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service a call and ask to schedule an inspection. This is so that you don’t miss needed repairs!

Why Summertime?

One reason that it’s a good idea to have your exterior chimney work done in the summer? Simply because it’ll be easier for your chimney professionals. If they try to start a project in the winter and the weather turns bad, it may be difficult for them to get back to the work. This extends the time that you have to live with an unfinished project. Also, there are jobs which need to have warm temperatures to ensure that they are done properly.


Over time, the mortar in your chimney is going to have some pretty good wear and tear from weathering. In the summer, rain storms can batter away at your chimney; in the winter, the freezing temperatures can cause a situation called the freeze/thaw process. This can also have damaging effects on your mortar. When this happens, your chimney professionals may recommend that you have tuckpointing done. Tuckpointing refers to the process of having the old, damaged mortar removed and replacing it with new, solid mortar. The thing is, the composition of the wet mortar is affected by the temperature, and warmth is definitely better when new mortar is curing.

Flashing Repair

If you look up and notice that your flashing is looking worn or torn, you will want to have this replaced sooner rather than later. Loose, weak flashing will lead to leaks inside your home. Flashing repair is also a warm weather job. It’ll be easier for your chimney professional to get up on your roof safely and do a more complete job when there is no snow or ice on your roof!

Right Time, Right People

Summer is the right time to have exterior chimney repair work done, and Chim-Cheroo Chimney Service is the right company to call to make sure that your chimney is repaired properly. Give them a call today!